MS150 Tour De Farms 2014

In June 2014 we rode 175 miles in two days to raise money and build awareness for MS.

It was a tough two day bike ride but it’s nothing compare to the everyday struggle people with MS go through every day.  Our team raised $6,865! If you would like to contribute money for the cause, you can click here to submit your donations. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean we cannot have a little fun during the ride…

4 in line


 Thank you to all volunteers. They made this weekend great!



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Exciting news from IRONMAN CEO

We at TriBug are very excited to hear this….

Letter from IRONMAN CEO

“I am excited to announce a new program we are piloting for our IRONMAN athletes in the United States and Canada. Today we will launch the North American Transfer Program as a new option for our athletes.

This program was designed in response to athlete feedback we’ve received over the years. We understand that you want to race with us, but sometimes life gets in the way, injuries happen, weddings pop up or your job takes you across the country. With the transfer program, we hope to address these issues by allowing IRONMAN athletes to transfer to another open race in North America. If you have a simple date conflict, you can move sooner or later in the calendar. If you have an injury, you can move down to a 70.3 distance or postpone to a later race. We’re trying to give you every opportunity you can to get in a race with IRONMAN and keep you happy.

A slightly altered version of this program has been available to our athletes in Europe for a few seasons and we are endeavoring to bring the most applicable elements to North America. That said, we ask you to remember that this is a pilot program and there may be some bumps along the way.

We’re excited to try something new to give our athletes additional options and serve you better. Additional details, including rules of the program, can be found here. Questions can be directed to I look forward to hearing your feedback about this new program and seeing you at the races.

– Andrew Messick”

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DPR Trail Marathon Review

Des Plaines River Trail Marathon was my 10th marathon and the first trail marathon.

If you are looking for a rave run, this is a good one. It is quiet and at times you do not see any runners in front or behind you. However, it is always great to see a familiar face at mile 18. It is even better, when they take pictures of you running and send them to you.

This event includes a 50 mile, a marathon and a 13.1 mile options. Trails are clean. The nature is beautiful this time of the year. Most of the trail goes through woods in a shaded area and when the sun hits the tree tops you see all the beautiful colors of the fall.

The 50 mile run takes off while it is still dark and cold. There are a couple fire pits for runners to keep warm and hang out before the start. As expected, not that many people run ultra, but they are fun to hang out with. That is why I got to the start early to send them off. Support on the run is scattered about 5-6 miles apart. You want to carry your own water and food.

Will try to be back next year in 2014 and hope to see you there.

Happy Running!



DPR trail marathon TriBug Konstantin run 2

DPR trail marathon TriBug Konstantin run 3

DPR trail marathon TriBug Konstantin run 5

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Get rid of side stitch in 5 easy steps.

IMG_1306 Once in a while during a run I get this painful feeling in my right side. My stomach starts to cramp up and it gets really hard to run. I’m sure many runners experience side stitch. Here are some steps how to not let it take over your run and continue with your work out or race. Breathing will help you.

  1. Slow down to a more comfortable pace but you don’t need to stop or slow down to a walk
  2. Concentrate on your breathing.
  3. Breath in as deep as you can with your stomach on 4 steps and breath out as much as you can with your stomach on 4 steps.
  4. Continue the breathing pattern until the pain goes away. It might take a minute or two.
  5. If 4 IN 4 OUT doesn’t work, adjust and synchronize your breathing to any combination of steps.

I noticed that when I find my running/breathing rhythm I can run longer, stronger and smoother.

Happy Running!

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Tough Mudder Wisconsin

Team at Tough Mudder Registration

Team at Tough Mudder Registration

A few weeks ago, we took part in the Tough Mudder race in Wisconsin. I have to say that despite the electric shock and the constant lunges and bear crawls (which were not mandatory), I will be back next year. I just love a race where you have to conquer obstacles and not just run on the pavement for a set number of miles.

Team before the race.

Team before the race.

I recently saw a survey by Tough Mudder and participants said that Funky Monkey was the toughest obstacle for them. I have to say that it was one of the easiest for me; I guess it is because that is the one I trained for the most. The hardest obstacle for me was the Everest! Why do you think I want to come back next year….I didn’t make it. By the time we got to it, the event organizers made it a one shot deal so if you don’t make it on the first shot, you either go to the back of the line or you just walk around it. I walked and I’ll Be Back! Here is a short Tough Mudder video.

These challenges are being added worldwide so it would be fun to finish each one, though that might take years and a big portion of your income. Great race, awesome organization, nice orange headband and the t-shirts run small!

Here are some more photos from the race. Have you done the challenge? Let us know.

Team has successfully finished the Tough Mudder Challenge!

Team has successfully finished the Tough Mudder Challenge!

Chilling before the start.

Chilling before the start.

Waiting for the showers after the race.

Waiting for the showers after the race.

Heading home with a 2 time Tough Mudder finisher among us.

Heading home with a 2 time Tough Mudder finisher among us.


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Merrell Mix Master Move Shoes Review

I think I found my new favorite running shoes – Merrell Mix Master Move. I was walking in my neighborhood by Runner’s High N Tri store in Arlington Heights and decided to check out what they have. As I walked closer to the back wall stacked with shoes I saw them. They were perfect, that color of red, the pattern, the shape, the sole, the style, everything looked perfect. Then, I picked them up… At that moment I did not understand if the whole world suddenly felt light or if my feet just broke away from the floor I was standing on. They were so light that I could barely feel their weight in my hand.

photo 2

Merrell Mix Master Move

It was love from the first mile. Very comfortable, no blisters, rubbing me the right way on every run from 1 mile to 26.2 miles. Of course, socks play a huge role and I usually wear Dry Max running socks. The shoes are very light and have a thin sole compare to Asics DS trainer. These shoes are similar to Kinvara only not as soft. The sole is harder and it helps to feel the road better. These are great if you want to move close to minimal running but don’t want to run barefoot or in Vibram Five Finger.

The sizing runs a little big, about half size bigger than my Asics DS trainers. Since then I got 3 more pairs waiting for their turn to go out with me.  Shouldn’t be too long…

Happy Running,

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2013 Arlington Heights IL Stampede 10k/5k run Review

One of my favorite places to run is right where I live. It is just too convenient, no parking to worry about, no hotels to book, mostly flat streets, nice people, and lots of trees. Furthermore, it feels great to wake up 30 minutes before a start of a race, walk a block, run, and when done walk home and enjoy breakfast with family.

Recently I ran Stampede 10k in Arlington Heights. It is only a block away from my house and I considered it my duty to run in that race. It is small but a very well run event. It goes through the streets of Arlington Heights but not thought the down town. Volunteers are great and some spectators were kind enough to turn on their water sprinklers to keep us cool.

At the end of the race there is plenty of food to choose from, such as: bananas, bagels, jamba juice, coconut water, watermelon and a few more. Also, the shower at the end of the finish line was a great idea.

I definitely recommend this run and plan to run it again next year!

Arlington Heights Stampede Run Shirt

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One Quote Review: It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life

“What ever your 100% looks like, give it.” – Lance Armstrong

Just finished reading Lance Armstrong’s “It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life” on my Amazon Kindle which is way more convenient than carrying a book around.  Was able to download the book using the WIFI feature, which was nice.

Picked that quote to summarize the book. To me it explains everything you need to know about Lance, his philosophy on life and how he inspires others to do great things. All you have to do in life is give 100%, no matter what it looks like. There is no prejudice in him, as long as you do the work then you have nothing to be ashamed of. Even if you don’t succeed, at least you will know that you gave it all.

The book itself is well written and is very interesting.  It provides you with Lance Armstrong’s detailed history, from his childhood troubles, to his early start in triathlons, the cancer that taught him to live, and an improbable comeback to cycling that many people, including Lance, did not think was possible.  Throughout the book you see the man that is now Lance Armstrong form piece by piece.  There is also a very nice recap of Armstrong’s first two Tour de France wins.  You get a little peek at what’s going on during the tour, between the teams, riders and the media.

The cancer that threatened to take away his life, taught him to live life to the fullest, to take care of himself, and take care of others.  It seems that Armstrong was brought to this world to endure, be born again and live to tell others, encourage them and inspire.

Think what you want of Lance but when he was winning the Tour de France in the years of 1999-2005, I became a cycling fan and started cycling, which later brought me to triathlons.  When I learned about the Armstrong foundation, I became aware and in my opinion that is why he is still here now, to spread the word and get people involved.

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Ultra marathon anyone? Maybe…

Ultra running? Maybe…

Just finished reading the Dean Karnazes book – Ultramarathon man: Confessions of an all-night runner.  Very easy to read and is pretty interesting.  At times, some people may think that Dean seems a little cocky but as you read the book you start to realize that it is just confidence in himself, his training and his goals/inspiration.  He has great respect for the distance and the people who take up this or any other sport. You can see why many people would get into ultra running after reading something like this.  It displays some of the joys but mostly the masochistic pain, both physical and mental, that you have to Ultramarathon man overcome.  Ultra-marathons have their appeal, and some people love the pain and the ultra runners high associated with them.  I am in awe of what some people are able to accomplish every day.

“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.” – Dean Karnazes

I learned never to say never 7 years ago when I said that I would never participate in a marathon, and now here I am: a multiple marathon finisher with several long course triathlons and Ironman Wisconsin under my belt planning on when I will do another Iron distance race, an ultra or any other adventure that I can get myself into.  I will never say no to an endurance event, if it comes my way, I will do it. I doubt that I will ever do a 100 mile race but I will not rule it out either.  I will stick with triathlons for now and keep spreading the TriBug the best I can.

Any ultra’s on your schedule for 2013?  Would you ever consider one?

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One Quote Review: A Few Degrees from Hell

“Three weeks later Chris’ legs are still numb. Four toenails have fallen out. He’s removed a large patch of skin from his severely-blistered foot. Another week later he is still having nightmares about his physical and psychological breakdown.”

– Chris Bergland and Scott Ludwig


It is beautiful though!

This is the quote I thought would perfectly describe Scott Ludwig’s book, A Few Degrees from Hell: The 2003 Badwater Ultramarathon.  Right away I have to tell you that I didn’t really have a desire to do Badwater before I read this book and after reading it and after my last long run training for a marathon in 80 degree weather, I still have no desire to put myself in the Death Valley.  Badwater Ultramarathon is one of the toughest challenges a runner can face.  Runners have to face temperatures that go to 130 degrees on a regular basis, melted shoes, sunburn, dust storms, blistered feet, hallucinations, exhaustion, scorpions, and anything else that you can imagine.  There is a reason why every year so few people from the millions of runners even consider participating in this event.  Even if you do decide on participating, you still go through a selection process and if you are selected you can try and conquer the 135 miles of pain that try and do their best to make you quit.

This book is composed of 26 different stories, different views of the same race.  From ultra-marathon veterans like Pam Reed, Dean Karnazes, Marshall Ulrich who have completed Badwater multiple times, to first time Badwater participants like Scott Ludwig, the books author, who decided to brave the Death Valley and its dangers.  The last story was written by a crew member and gives you an inside look at what the runner’s crew goes through.  At some points all of the stories seem to be repetitive but each one has something that you can take away from it.

A very interesting read and if you ever considered participating in Badwater than this book has a lot of good information and insight that will be pretty useful for you.  This book among a couple of others, made me want to consider getting into running ultras. Good luck!

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